Welcome to Bird Release for the Departed 2018


 1. BRC for Ancestors 2018............USD38.00 or RM118.00


2. BRC for Friends and Relatives ....USD38.00 or RM118.00


 3.BRC for Gui Ren - 2018 ............USD38.00 or RM118.00


 BRC for all the above 3 items ----- USD108.00 or RM339.00


 For Departed Pets - 2018 ------------ USD18.00 or RM50.00


 Bird Release  - general purpose.  USD38.00 or RM118.00

We look forward to your value participation and support in making this another successful initiative by master atan .

Please kindly email us if you are using other form of money transfer. Thank you

Name list 2018 ( Please check - in case i miss out some names )